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Denver CO Dental Implants

Denver CO Dental Implants offers a number of services at affordable prices to help keep your smile healthy and looking its best! We can provide the following quality services:

  • Dental implants and tooth replacement
  • Tooth extractions
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Diagnostic X-rays

Affordable Implant Dentist in Denver

We believe that your bank account should never stand in the way of getting quality, professional dental care. At Denver CO Dental Implants, we pride ourselves in keeping our services affordable to our patients.

Diagnostic X-rays are only $125, where as similar services in the Denver area can cost up to $300.

Other area practices charge up to $4,000 for the same single-implant services we provide at just $2500:

  • Exam and X-rays: Included free
  • The implant: Replaces a tooth root ($1400)
  • An abutment: Connects the dental implant to the final outer crown ($300)
  • The crown: The finishing touch to your implant ($800)

We can also use dental implants as a permanent solution to securing bridges and partial or full dentures, should you have more than a single tooth missing. Our services for this type of implant work are equally well priced: for four regular implants and a new denture (with minimal tissue coverage), the cost is only $5500.

Once we have evaluated your situation and discussed the possible solutions for your needs, you can make an informed decision as to how you want to proceed with your treatment. We will work with you to attain the best smile possible at the best price possible for you.

Advanced Dental Technology

We utilize only the most advanced and proven technology available in the dental care industry. Digital imaging machines virtually remove any guesswork in diagnosing your dental needs, thus saving you time and money.

This helps us provide each of our patients with a complete understanding of their dental problems and the steps we will take to correct them.

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